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  Home. Recent news and overview of ChemSense.
  Contact. Questions or comments? Ask us.

About ChemSense
  Overview. Summary of our goals, research, and products.
  Papers. Our NSF reports, conference presentations, and technical papers.
  Partners. Our research, development, and school partners.
  News archive. Past news about the project.

On the Computer
  Overview. Our technology framework and tools.
  KBE. The ChemSense Knowledge Building Environment representation and discussion space.
  Probeware. PASCO Scientific's probeware and software.

In the Classroom
  Overview. Our curricular framework and key themes.
  Activities. Sample curriculum activities used in our research studies.
  Research. A summary of our research studies and findings.
  In action. How ChemSense been used in workshops and in our partner classrooms.
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