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ChemSense Studio Software Version History
A list of new features, changes, and bug fixes for each release of the ChemSense software.

7/16/08 release (Larry and Patti): Version 3.0.11
  • Added delta plus and delta minus tools
  • Added keyboard shortcut for selection tool (Cntl-T) in draw tool
  • Replaced InstallAnywhere installers with PackageMaker for Mac and NullSoft for Windows
9/23/07 release (Larry): Version 3.0.10
  • Fixed Quicktime export by rewriting to match new Quicktime For Java API
  • Fixed bug where hitting return key on an item created 2 display panels
2/24/06 release (Larry): Version 3.0.9
  • added photon tool (for NanoSense)
  • save feature in Animator now remembers file you're saving to (doesn't prompt for each save)
  • Animator remembers directory where last file was opened and goes there for subsequent "save as" or "open" requests
  • open feature prompts for saving existing work (if not saved yet) first before showing dialog for opening a new animation
2/15/05 release (Patti): Version 3.0.8
  • fixed lone pair dots to draw horizontally and vertically
1/4/05 release (Larry and Patti): Version 3.0.7
  • added animated gif export to animator tool
  • added drawings (gif) and animations (animated gif) to web interface
  • created stand-alone animator installer
  • removed animated gif export on Mac OS X (only) due to incompatibility with current OS X version of Java
  • fixed import on animator tool to properly redraw first frame
  • created download controller, updated license and readme files, and made all available to the public
8/12/04 release (Larry): Version 3.0.6
  • fixed ungroup bug, in which rotated or translated objects snapped back into their original (unrotated, untranslated) shape on ungroup. Now rotation/translation is applied to component shapes on ungroup.
1/12/04 release (Patti): Version 3.0.5
  • integrated 3D molecule viewer (JMol)
  • in 3D viewer, expose ability to import or export CML, MOL, PDB, and XYZ files
  • in 3D viewer, exposed ability to export JPG or PNG image files
10/4/03 release (Patti): Version 3.0.4
  • implemented delete group and edit group in web gallery
  • fixed bug in draw tool where if pencolor wasn't set, a null pointer exception was thrown and caused loading to fail
8/31/03 release (Patti): Version 3.0.3
  • changed client to use Expresso controller for deleting items (replacing delete servlet), updated properties paths
  • added breadcrumb links to interface to help user track their location
  • added viewing of content for text, html, and imported images (drawings, animations, and graphs coming soon)
Bug fix:
  • fixed bug where users couldn't edit their own information (exception when trying to set root group)
8/14/03 release (Patti): Version 3.0.2
  • implemented administration functions in Web Gallery, including ability to create users and groups, create batch accounts, edit user information, and change passwords
  • implemented viewing, adding, and deleting of comments in web gallery
7/30/03 release (Patti): Version 3.0.1
  • number of comments on items in the tree browser now update as they are added
  • number of items for users in the tree browser now update if an item is deleted
  • File/Delete disabled for users and groups (can only delete items)
  • added common, stable ions to the periodic table tool
  • ball molecule text is now editable on double-click
  • text tool now handles multiple lines, with newline signaled by carriage return
  • text superscript/subscript made smarter: no subscript after '=' or '.', and added option to force subscripts after '^' and superscript after '|'
  • text color now uses selected pen color on creation
  • vertical and horizontal arrows now have larger selection area
  • tool palettes (like periodic table) no longer hide on mouse exit, to work-around Java 1.4.x bug where the palettes hide on enter
7/1/03 release (Patti and Larry): Version 3.0
  • major change in navigation metaphor, replacing build-on metaphor with groups/users/items metaphor
  • newly-created items now automatically land in user's list (no build-on)
  • reload now updates all items under the one selected (used to reload just selected item)
  • reset default min and max memory for application for faster startup and export of larger animations
  • added menu item (under Windows menu) to show/hide comments and explorer pane, to maximize work area
  • login information (server and username) displayed at top of client now
  • created Quick Start Guide describing new group and comment features, and posted PDF and Word versions
  • created new server code to support group/user metaphor (using Expresso)
  • converted database schema to use new hierarchical group architecture schema
  • cleaned database to remove old test/empty/garbage items
  • implemented initial Web Gallery browser interface to view users and groups and data about them via a web browser
  • posted 30+ teacher activities, categorized in a topic matrix, on public web site
Bug Fixes:
  • in draw, shape ID's were duplicated if you group and dupicate an item (ID's are now always unique)
  • fixed import of tab-delimited data into grapher to not fail on text headers (ignores them now)
  • fixed cookie bug for Apache compatibility (httpunit cookie compatibility changed to strict)
4/3/03 release (Patti and Larry): Version 2.1
  • new comment/discussion feature: anyone can add comments to any item within the item display window
  • removed buildon button from item view window (buildon metaphor will go away in next release, replaced by automatic organization of nodes under their owner and peer review via new comment/discussion area)
  • added support for cookies to the client for client to access Expresso controllers as needed (with an eye towards adding browser functions for most client actions besides editing; i.e., allow viewing and file management via web browser in future releases)
  • created server installers for Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux
  • added discussion support (database tables and controllers)
  • added support in Expresso for ChemSense Client authentication
3/1/03 release (Patti and Larry): Version 2.0.6
  • added Save menu item to File menu for each editor
Bug Fixes:
  • fixed server loop/database connection bug (dead connections were returned after a period of sleep)
  • made element colors and sizes (atomic radii)) more standard
  • made dashed line have smaller dashes
  • on mouse down on elements, start point of bond is now always under the cursor (before it sometimes jumped outside the element)
1/14/03 release (Patti and Larry): Version 2.0
  • removed publish button and thinking types, and adjusted UI layout and preview pane as needed
  • made preview pane and buttons hideable (Window/Show Preview Pane), default hidden
  • created installers, with Java Virtual Machine (VM) and No VM options, license agreement pane
  • added accelerator keys for common tasks (like closing the window)
  • reorganized KBE menubar items to be more standard, add new Connection menu, add Close Window and Save menu items
  • let user set server URL (as dynamic property) in gui preference panel, fix layout and saving of preferences
  • added element number to gif for large periodic table tool
  • added Help/About dialog with version and team information
  • added version checker and Help/Check For New Version menu item
  • replaced ugly internal Swing browser with external web browser launcher (for help and other URLs)
  • updated and expanded Getting Started Guide to reflect changes in this new version
  • on Save, add prompt for Title if Untitled, and disable Save until server replies (to avoid accidental creation of multiple copies on double-click)
  • text objects in draw tool now editable on double-click
  • periodic table now selects on single click, shows values on rollover, dissappears on mouse exit, has more margin, and appears next to tool button
  • added smart scroll bar around drawing canvas to allow scroll for big drawings (getMaximumExtent)
  • image and animation export in draw tool now smart about exporting entire extent of drawing, not just what is visible in the current window
  • improved curved arrow tool to add chooser with different theta choices for arrow arcs
  • after grouping, can now resize
  • implemented POST functionality, replacing PUT, for web server compatibility
  • ported chemsense server and web site to new, faster server server, and put web site into cvs
  • developed ant scripts to automatically publish site from cvs and create installers on server
  • optimized login to one HTTP call for all nodes to be displayed
  • on delete, data file is now really deleted from the server (not just entry taken out of the database)
  • node names made shorter (from 38 down to 15 unique digits)
  • XML that comes back from the login auth no longer contains user password
  • set up Expresso to support Admin tool
  • database tables and queries reworked (unused tables/fields dropped, queries made more readable and maintable through String constants, etc.)
  • new tables for users, groups, group profiles created, and chemsense users ported to new tables
Bug Fixes:
  • delete from the kbe didn't work if you delete a child and then delete the parent
  • in draw too nudge up, down, left, right worked for not menu items but not keys
  • password field did not clear properly/locked up if password is typed in incorrectly
  • search for a object with single-quote in search-string was broken for HSQL in-memory database
  • actions for chooser tools (text, periodic table) weren't undoable (didn't set dirty bit)
6/12/02 release (Patti and Larry)
  • implemented duplication of groups with connectors
  • fixed bug where multi-bonds turned into single bond on new frame in animator
  • changed slowest animation speed to be half as slow (users said animations played too fast)
  • standardized import/export item wording across all components
  • merged separate animation and drawing menus into one menu in animator tool
  • added accelorator keys to animator menu items
  • fixed bug where clicking application close box and then cancel on item save did not cancel quit
5/8/02 release (Patti and Larry)
  • export to Quicktime made much more memory efficient
  • ability to hide or show preview pane
  • owner name added beside items in browser
  • owner and date information added to view windows
  • parent item more obvious in buildon dialog
  • search dialog format now shows media type and owner, doesn't show users for security reasons
  • edit and view panes now show owners
4/01/02 release (Patti)
  • double-clickable application for Mac OS and updated README with Mac requirements and instructions
  • ability to logout and login as new user without quitting the program
  • Find menu item moved from Tools to Edit (more standard)
  • Tools menu renamed to Windows and new options added: Close All Windows, Tile All Windows
  • quit, logout, and close windows now check if open windows have been edited and prompt to save changes if so. If saves are cancelled, so is the quit/logout/close function.
  • on startup, the KBE screen appears first thing, with the login dialog on top; cancel of login doesn't quit the program so you can view periodic tools or login again.
3/10/02 release (Larry and Patti)
  • added support for proxy servers
  • added properties panel dialog for editing server and other settings
  • fixed export to quicktime bug that included menus and tools in exported animation
Draw Tool:
  • fixed refresh bug on import of xml into drawing tool
  • improved backwards compatibility for old draw documents
1/27/02 release (Larry and Patti)
  • added ability to delete or hide items that you own and are not built on
Draw tool:
  • completed port of old cold to open-source foundation layer, jhotdraw
  • bonds and shapes now have connectivity
  • cut, copy and paste of shapes between frames and canvases (via clipboard)
  • added random/brownian motion
  • added stamp tool for non-bond figures
  • text tool now adjusts font in accordance to resize handle
  • triangle, diamond tool now draw arbitrary sides--not equilateral
11/16/01 release (Patti and Larry)
  • replaced gif support with png support due to gif licensing issues
  • alert user on quicktime export if quicktime isn't installed
  • process data before inserting into database to verify that it is in safe format for sql
  • session expiration automatically brings up login dialog
  • improved speed of animation tool more than 6 for viewer and more than 13 times for editor by replacing thumbnail images with Java2D graphics
  • drag and drop frames now works in animator tool
10/29/01 release used at U. Mich (Patti and Larry)
  • made server threadsafe
  • centralized and pool database connections
  • implemented webserver and local database for simple stand-alone or local area network install
  • indexed database fields to speed up queries and improve server response time
  • eliminated extra unneccessary server calls made by some beans
  • added support for gif and png images (in addition to jpeg, which is already supported)
10/17/01 release used at U. Mich (Patti and Larry)
Draw tool:
  • added the ability to rotate shapes in the draw tool (req. from U. Mich and Texas teachers)
  • ball molecules now drawn relative to their atomic radius w/fixed size option (requested by Judy)
  • ball molecule tool just stamps out, no rubberband feedback
  • ball molecules now resizable
  • duplication in draw tool now selects the duplicated shape (requested by Han)
  • draw tool resizing of groups was funky, fixed
  • workaround JAF bug that caused extra server calls (in URLDataHandler.getPreferredCommand) to get mime type
  • fixes reload so it works and (recursively) shows new decendents (Ian reported this bug)
  • server returns children sorted by creation date, search sorted by title (not node id which is random!)
  • 3D VRML viewer/editor (created by John B) added but not in distribution yet (for ChemViz subgrant)
  • ability to expand windows to the whole working space
  • cleaned up source tree and refactored projects and classes to ease maintainance and development
8/21/01 release used at U. Mich (Patti)
  • removed extra scrollbars in browser and preview areas
  • title and thinking type in browser/preview now update immediately if changed in editor
  • increased memory on startup to 128M to workaround quicktime eating up memory on big animations (bug found by ITC participants)
  • fixed slow reload of children on selection
7/04/01 release used at Texas ITC Teacher Workshop (Patti and Larry)
  • added export of animation to quicktime so can pause, step, etc; retains speed values set in chemsense (requested by ITC and Han)
  • added grapher tool for x-y plots that imports/exports tab delimited data
  • added help menu with links to getting started and other guides (requested by Han)
  • made client window expand to fill screen upon startup
4/25/01 release (Patti)
  • redesigned and implemented new graphic look designed by Aaron Becker
  • show wait cursor now when expanding/collapsing tree so user knows their click was heard
  • reworked animator interface to make more intuitive
  • fixed drag exceptions in animator, show frame number on mouse over in animator
  • factored animator into separate classes
12/04/00 release used at San Leandro High School (Patti and Grahame)
  • fixed bug with diamond tool (caused an exception)
  • fixed animator bug that caused frames to be lost
  • added automatic update that checks server for newer jar versions and automatically updates
11/6/00 release used at U. Mich (Patti and Grahame)
Bug fixes:
  • fixed parsing errors on special characters (use URLEncoder/Decoder)
  • encrypts password now
  • notifies users of server errors
  • search works on multiple words (with space)
  • handles null documents gracefully
  • releases image and other resources to reduce change of OutOfMemory error
  • fixed draw tool problem with thin or tall single characters (-,(,),!,etc)
Draw Tool (requested by Brian, Ian, Scott):
  • made arrow heads smaller
  • added formula text entry that does auto sub/superscript; numbers directly after letter -> subscript
  • + or - directly after char -> superscript
  • added lone-pair electron tool (dots)
  • added formal charge tool (+, - in circles)
  • added dash-wedge tool
  • added hash-bond tool
  • added bold-bond tool
  • added ability to edit text shapes
  • added ability to select text and change font
  • added (dumb) ball molecules (for high school use)
  • permissions: added ability to trust others to edit or co-own documents
  • admin support: ability to add new users and co-owners via web (for developers only)
  • closing document doesn't bring up save dialog now unless content changed
8/25/00 release (Beta release of client/server version; Patti and Grahame)
  • implemented new version, reworking most all code
  • core client-server functionality implemented using Java (JAF and servlets)
  • client includes draw, html, text, and animator beans
  • major improvements to draw tool: grouping, levels, undo/redo, save as xml, etc.
  • animator tool redone to use image buttons
  • demonstrated to U. Mich for feedback and began user testing
3/04/00 release used at Kennedy High School, Fremont (Rob, Grahame, Patti)
  • modal application with simple draw tab, echem tab, html editor tab
  • echem molecules import into draw tool
  • uses local nodestore
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