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The ChemSense Software
The ChemSense Studio Client software supports the sharing, viewing, and editing of a variety of chemistry representations, including text, images, drawings, and animations of chemical processes. The software consists of a client, which views and edits files, and a server, where items are stored. You need an Internet connection and login account to use the ChemSense Studio Client.

View a short video of the ChemSense Studio (Requires Quicktime)

The ChemSense Animator is a simple drawing and animation tool that supports the creation of storyboard animations of chemical processes. This tool is the most popular tool in the suite of tools offered in the collaborative ChemSense Studio Client. Due to this popularity, it has also been pulled out as a separate, stand-alone application.

View a short video of the ChemSense Animator (Requires Quicktime)

Download the software to try it out, and read the quick start guides to learn more about the features.

The ChemSense Studio Client with group, user, and item explorer (left) and workspace (right).

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