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The Project
ChemSense studied students' understanding of chemistry, and developed software and curriculum to help students investigate chemical systems and express ideas in animated chemical notation.
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ChemSense software is available for download and the source code is available as open source. Related work continues under NanoSense, which offers curriculum units on nanoscience.
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Software and Probeware
The ChemSense software supports the sharing, viewing, and editing of a variety of chemistry representations.

The ChemSense Studio

Probeware is used in some activities for real-time data collection and display.
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Activities and Use
The ChemSense curricular framework highlights collaborative investigations, representational competence, and chemical change.

High school students investigating solubility.

We've conducted multi-week studies in our partner high school and college classrooms.
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   ChemSense is supported by the National Science Foundation under grants REC-0125726 and REC-9814653.